"Come 'Rang or Shine!"
    —Cave Patrol Dino-Rang's official catchphrase.

Cave Patrol Dino-Rang is the Transhaper counterpart of Dino-Rang in Skylanders: Transhapers and one of the enemies in Sony Pictures Infinity: Feeding Frenzy. In Wave 4, he is in a single pack and a triple pack with the Earth Mask and Ocean Cutter Flip Wreck. He is unlocked by taking ownership of Cave Patrol Lucky.

Appearance Edit

Normal Version Edit

Cave Patrol Dino-Rang has traded in his old armor for a brown outfit that greatly resembles a park ranger or an archeologist's outfit, including brown boots on his feet. Rather than wield two boomerangs normally, Dino-Rang now wields a single, X-shaped stone boomerang that can later split into two boomerangs. Attached to his hips are a flashlight and a length of rope.

Transhaped Version Edit

When Transhaped using an Earth Mask, his outfit morphs into a fancier ranger outfit equipped with a backpack, and his mask morphs to fit his snout, having a headlamp on the top much like a flashlight helmet. His Cross Rang has morphed into a weapon that appears to be eight boomerangs attached to a stick, and he now wields a second, normal boomerang with a length of rope attached to it.

Powers Edit

Normal Version Edit

Cross Rang: Cave Patrol Dino-Rang throws his boomerang forward, which arcs around you and returns to him.

Dino-Lasso: Cave Patrol Dino-Rang twirls his rope and attempts to snare you, preventing you from moving for a moment.

Crushing on You: Cave Patrol Dino-Rang slams the ground with his Cross Rang, uprooting part of the ground around you with each hit if you get too close.

Transhaped Version Edit

Boomer-Ravager: Cave Patrol Dino-Rang swings his new boomerang, releasing eight boomerangs at once to pelt you.

Lasso-Rang: Cave Patrol Dino-Rang throws his second boomerang, surrounding you in its arc with rope before snaring you in one convenient area.

Crust Circle: Cave Patrol Dino-Rang makes his eight boomerangs strike the ground, creating a ring of impacts around him if you get too close.

Death explosion and gravestone in the handheld versionEdit

​Death ExplosionEdit

Backward Flop (normal version)

Kamikaze (Transhaped Version)

​Gravestone (Normal Version Only)Edit

Brown Worms 2 ​cross (Feeding Frenzy)

Quotes Edit

  • "Come 'Rang or Shine!"-when placed into the toy box or standing around doing nothing
  • "But we were doing so well!"-when another Reposed Transhaper is defeated
  • "It looks like I might win a ranger medal after all!"-when another Reposed Transhaper is defeated
  • "Oh sure, shoot the dinosaur."-when defeated or hit by being shot
  • "Leave the cave at once!"-when another Reposed Transhaper is defeated
  • "That didn't do me any good."-when defeated or hit
  • "The Fish Eaters are taking us down!"-when another Reposed Transhaper is defeated
  • "They're taking over!"-when another Reposed Transhaper is defeated
  • "This doesn't look good."-when another Reposed Transhaper is defeated
  • "This is not my lucky day."-when defeated or hit
  • "You're lucky I don't use my flashlight!"-when defeated or hit
  • "Hey, watch my snout!"-when shot on the head, hit or defeated
  • "That didn't hurt!"-when shot on the head, hit or defeated
  • "Try that again!"-when shot on the head, hit or defeated
  • "You'll pay for that!"-when shot on the head, hit or defeated
  • "Hey!"-when hit or defeated
  • "Whoa!"-when hit or defeated
  • "Hey! Watch my snout!"-when hit or defeated
  • "Oh no!"-when hit or defeated
  • "I'm an Earth Transhaper. A REPOSED Transhaper."
  • "I'm a dinosaur kind of Transhaper."

​Exclusive Character QuotesEdit

​When seeing Cave Patrol Lucky

  • ​"A Siamese cat? How cool!"
  • "An athetic cat? Who led you here, Lucky?"
  • "Oh no! It's Cave Patrol Lucky!"

Trivia Edit

  • Cave Patrol Dino-Rang's Transhaped boomerang was based on the Big Bang Meteorang, a powerful item called a "Shen Gong Wu" from the TV show Xiaolin Showdown.
  • He and Lucky both have the words "Cave Patrol" in the forms where they use Transhape Masks to turn themselves into stronger versions of themselves.