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Digital Alliance or DA for short, is a game much like Skylanders, except with many different features. Digital Alliance is set to be released on the PC, unlike Skylanders.


Like Skylanders, DA has the conecpt of bring toys to life. Of course, the Starter Pack contains the teleportation device. It ressembles the pad of a wrist watch, with a circle hole in it not too deep. It is colored blue or black. DA focuses on many digital creatures, who were created through an accident in the computer. The player, takes control of a Tamer, whom are humans that go to the digital universe. Digital Alliance is 3-Dimensional, allowing players to explore a open and vast world.

Digtal Creature Toys

To use these toys in the game, you have to simply put the toy on top of the hole on the pad and you are now able to play them. These toys take the form of a creature, with a stone base stuck to their feet, serving as a stand of the toy. Each digital creature toy costs $19.75.

Digital Creatures

Silver Gunner Starting Stats:

25 Strength 19 Defense 32 Speed

Silver Gunner is a humanoid cobra with two tails. He wields a two small silver guns, which each contaibn poisonous bullets, poisoning an enemy when made contact. Silver Gunner wears a dark green scarf around his long neck and his patern features two big red eyes. He is a dark purple cobra with light green stripes on his back and arms.



STARTER PACK: Silver Gunner, ???