G.O.C is a toys to life game that differs from the normal Toys to life concept.

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Developer(s) Dragon Studios
Publisher(s) Dragon Studios
Platform(s) DGS
Release Date(s)
Story, Battle
Series G.O.C
Predecessor None
Successor G.O.C II

Gameplay Edit

G.O.C is a typical toys to life game but the characters come in blind packs meaning you can get multiples of a character. There is a way to choose which you get because each character is numbered.

Characters Edit

  1. Croc Jaw (Water)
  2. Bladebreaker (Tech)
  3. Mjolnir (Air)
  4. Fury and Flicker (Fire)
  5. Hammerhead (Rock)
  6. Night Fight (Dark)
  7. Flash (Light)
  8. Vines (Plant)
  9. Seastorm (Water)
  10. Recharge (Tech)
  11. Cyclone (Air)
  12. Solar Flare (Fire)
  13. Drill Swirl (Earth)
  14. Alpha (Dark)
  15. Light Flight (Light)
  16. Whiplash (Plant)
  17. Tsunami (Water)
  18. Wrench Wrecker (Tech)
  19. Storm (Air)
  20. Eruption (Fire)
  21. Golem (Earth)
  22. Shadowstreak (Dark)
  23. Lumi (Light)
  24. Buzz (Plant)
  25. Great White (Water)
  26. Tech Mech (Tech)
  27. Skyblast (Air)
  28. Flamethrower (Fire)
  29. Rhino (Earth)
  30. Alleyway (Dark)
  31. Bulb (Light)
  32. Tribesman (Plant)

Packs Edit

Wave 1 Edit

  • Starter Pack: Croc Jaw and Bladebreaker
  • Blind Pack: Any character from 1-16

Wave 2 Edit

  • Blind Pack: Any character from 17-32
  • Double Blind Pack: Any two characters from 17-32

What does G.O.C stand for Edit

G.O.C stands for Game of Characters.