Guest Stars To Life is a game with the gimmicks between SuperChargers and Imaginators.

Characters Edit

SuperCharged Heroes Edit

  1. Super Hero Robin (Air) (Signature Vehicle: Motor Titanist)
  2. Sonic (Air) (Signature Vehicle: Egg Hunter)
  3. Sparkle Spread Rainbow Dash (Air) (Signature Vehicle: Bolt Boomer)
  4. Shocky Sword Meta Knight (Dark) (Signature Vehicle: Nightmare Chaser)
  5. Ninja Master Marco Diaz (Dark) (Signature Vehicle: Kimono Flyer)
  6. Bloody Mary Catastrophe (Dark) (Signature Vehicle: Blood Bath)
  7. Transformational Hulk (Earth) (Signature Vehicle: Construction Destroyer)
  8. Magic Explorer Tad Stones (Earth) (Signature Vehicle: Explorer Jet)
  9. Sticks the Badger (Earth) (Signature Vehicle: Sticks' Motorboat)
  10. Pride Hero Blaziken (Fire) (Signature Vehicle: Fire Starter)
  11. Amazing Charizard (Fire) (Sugnature Vehicle: Super Driver)
  12. Egg Blasted Birdo (Fire) (Signature Vehicle: Egg Blaster)
  13. Co-Hero Surly (Life) (Signature Vehicle: Nut Glider)
  14. Karate Sensei Sandy Cheeks (Life) (Signature Vehicle: Teleportation Boat)
  15. Happily Ever After Shrek (Life) (Signature Vehicle: Tourism Carriage)
  16. Surviving Hero Amy (Light) (Signature Vehicle: Old Teen Sailboat)
  17. Alien Hunter Stitch (Light) (Signature Vehicle: Galactic Starship)
  18. Tamaranian Hero Starfire (Light) (Signature Vehicle: Tamaranian Tour Taxi)
  19. Planet Racer Sailor Moon (Magic) (Signature Vehicle: Saturn Boat)
  20. Mysterious Caster Dipper Pines (Magic) (Signature Vehicle: Mystery Golfer)
  21. Sport Tamer Star Butterfly (Magic) (Signature Vehicle: Sapphire Dragon)
  22. Stealthy Spy Kim Possible (Tech) (Signature Vehicle: Mobile Cruiser)
  23. Science Ruler Jimmy (Tech) (Signature Vehicle: Rocket Blaster)
  24. Robot Blast Mega Man (Tech) (Signature Vehicle: Mega Booster)