Lost In Time will be a non-child toys to life game. It will be focussing on the age of 14 to 24. De game takes place in different movies, tv shows, games and other franchises (like LEGO Dimensions). The figures will be really realistic and some how creepy. The game will be splitted in different kinda ways to play.

- Time levels; where you follow the story of the franchise. (Like Disney Infinity playsets but not childish.)

- World traveler; where you can switch hubs and go to other franchises. (Like in Dimensions the cave but bigger.)

- Explorer mode; where you can travel time. (Like a beside story mode for the leak of money and all characters.)

- Battle mode; a first person shooter against your friends or online. (Just like Call of Duty but with the characters and there abilities.)

The figures will be released in waves like the Dimensions serie. The first wave will be focussing on the main subject of the game. Time traveling. Movies like: Back to the Future, Jurassic Park. Tv shows like: Rick and Morty, Doctor Who. And games like: Uncharted. The other franchises that will be released for other fun will include: Muppets, South Park, Once Upon A Time and Guns 'N Roses.

Franchises Wave 1:

Starter pack:

-Doc Brown (Back to the Future Figure)

-The Doctor (Doctor Who Figure)

- Nathan Drake (Uncharted Figure)

-Time piece: Back to the Future (DeLorean statue)

-Buggy from Uncharted series (Vehicle)

Time pieces:


-Uncharted series

-Doctor Who (a little minigame)

-Jurassic Park

-Once Upon A Time

-Guns 'N Roses (not a based story mode but a minigame like Guitar Hero)

Characters (+playable in...):

-Kermit, Miss. Piggy, Gonzo, Animal (Muppets Time piece, World Traveler, Explorer Mode, Battle mode)

-Nathan Drake (st.p.), Elena Fisher, Victor Sully Sullivan (Uncharted Time piece, World Traveler, Explorer Mode, Battle mode)

-Doctor Who (Doctor Who Time Piece, Time piece, World Traveler, Explorer Mode, Battle mode)