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"Build Worlds, Upgrade Skylands!"

- Game's tagline.

Skylanders: Infinity is the second game in my series. In this game, a brand new type of Skylander, called the Build Masters, are introduced. There will be 20 Build Masters, 24 Cores, 24 Builder Cores, 24 Ranged Cores, 24 Navigation Cores, 24 Explosive Cores, 24 Melee Cores, 24 Power Up Cores, 24 Musical Cores, and 24 Dual Cores.

Story Edit

It turns out all these limits in Skylands was the work of Kaos, who invented a crystal orb that creates all kinds of limits. However, an elite team of skylanders invaded his castle and destroyed the crystal. So Kaos quickly plotted his revenge. He grabbed his Evil Magic Wand to upset the base of Skylands and force the skylanders into another dimension, mainly to buy him some time to invent a new orb. Quickly! Find the skylanders, put them on the portal, and BOOM them back!

Build Masters Edit

  1. Attractor
  2. Whacksmith

Core Skylanders 

  1. Skate Punk
  2. Burp Slurp
  3. Clockwork
  4. Laughing Stock
  5. Checkpoint
  6. Quad Rod

Melee Cores

  1. Sir Lancelot

Ranged Cores

  1. High Voltage
  2. Hot Glue

Explosive Cores

Power Up Cores

  1. Soda Pop
  2. Splat
  3. Sky Rocket

Musical Cores

  1. High Pitch

Navigation Cores

Builder Cores

  1. Miner Mime

Dual Cores

  1. High Tech (Explosice Core/Ranger Core)
  2. Mapper Slapper (Nacigation Enhancer/Power Up)

Magic Items 

In Skylanders: Infinity,​ the Magic Items are even more useful! You now have the option of either using the weapon regularly, or replacing the Build Master's weapon with that Item and use it for 5 minutes.

  1. Sword of the Undead
  2. Mud Claw
  3. Opposite Ball

Starter Packs/Waves/Packs 


  • This game has three core Skylanders with "High" in their names. High Voltage, High Tech, and High Pitch.
  • Inflato was originally named "Pump Up".
  • High Voltage was originally going to be equipped with a stick and TNT, but was later changed to a pet jellyfish slingshot. Then turned to a Jellyfish Jelly Launcher.
  • Skate Punk originally had hand braces on his fists, but was later changed to a cane.