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Create Skylanders, Disney Infinity, whatever you want!


Welcome to the Toys to Life Wiki! This wiki is for anything that uses Skylanders' main concept - the toys come to life. You can put pretty much post anything on here. Just make sure they follow these guidelines:

  • Your game must have a roster of at least 20+ characters.
  • You must sort your characters out into groups. (elements, movement types, difficulty, etc.)
  • Articles can be original ideas, not just official franchises.
  • But most importantly - have fun!

I don't really care if you edit purely for the achievements, just so long as you don't spam edit and your edits a valuable. Achievements are suppose to encourage editing so getting lots from just doing what you're doing is acceptable.

  1. General Rules
  2. Violence Rules
  3. Adminship Rules and Other Positions
  4. Manual of Style

What You Can Do
  1. Create a page (It can be whatever you want!)
  2. Add the categories recommended in the Manual of Style
  3. Add some photos
  4. Request a name highlight (color change) for your username (optional)

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